Dnipro University of Technology — Compliance with the Time


Life of National Mining Universitys modern student consists not only of lectures, practices and sessions, but also it has a place for more exciting events. Admission to students, graduation balls, the ceremony of initiation to the miners gives you an opportunity to have the colorful and solemn celebration of important students life dates.

Football, tennis, martial arts and even health groups, variety sports teams and competitions - create favorable conditions for the rest and guarantee a harmonious, comprehensive development.

Camping and hiking trips ensure fun and eventful holidays, thanks to the visiting new places and wilderness areas. A cultural and linguistic centers will help you to get a good grasp of languages, which will open new opportunities,120_2043_new.JPG both in university and beyond.

Student Scientific Society, thematic associations and groups will let purposeful students to discover their talents, to practice in applying their knowledge at international conferences, training courses in Ukraine and abroad.

The student newspaper, clubs, and professional committees will allow to manifest themselves not only in science but also in the social life of the university.



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