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The purpose of the journal

The purpose of the bulletin is the coverage of actual problems in mineral resource industry and power industry and tracks of a solution to these problems via fundamental investigations and applied researches, new scientific approaches of development of technologies, analysis of economic aspects of their operation and also issues of higher school performance improvement.


1. Publication of the materials of the researches in the promising areas of fundamental science, actual engineering products, introduction of innovations in compliance with needs of industry in different fields of science: geology, mining, mechanics, mechanical engineering, ecology, economics, management.

2. Exchange of scientific ideas, methodology and states-of-the-practice. Providing of information field for discussion of new theories and cross-disciplinary researches.

3. Broadening of scientific outlook of research people in main or adjacent fields of knowledge. Popularizing of the best practices of scientists and engineers of mining, fuel and energy enterprises within different sections of scientific community. Informing of promising findings and new trends of technical progress.

4. Placement of information about special scientific and technical conferences, new tutorials, monographs of scientists of NMU and conditions of education of high-skilled personnel.

5. Innovators’ infotainment providing.

6. Assistance in creative networking between research and production teams, involvement of scientists from different establishments into cooperation with the aim of solution of actual problems in mining.

7. Attraction of advertisers from among the leading enterprises in mineral resource industry of Ukraine and CIS countries. 

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