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Scientific Bulletin of National Mining University

“Scientific Bulletin of National Mining University”(Naukovyi visnyk Natsionalnoho hirnychoho universytetu) is one of the scientific and technical journals published by Higher Educational Establishments of the Ukraine. The journal was registered by Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine as a core publication on technics, geology and economic sciences. (Resolution 1-05/1 dated February 10, 2010). Scientific Bulletin of National Mining University is a bi-monthly statement and it has been issued since 1998.

ISSN (print) 2071-2227. ISSN (online) 2223-2362. Articles are published in Ukrainian, Russian, English and German languages.

Licensing Documents

Certificate on State Registration of Print Mass Media: KB No. 17742-6592PR dated April 27, 2011 issued by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

Certificate on State Registration of Publisher of State Higher Educational Institution National Mining University DK No.1842 dated June 11, 2004 is issued by the State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting




Solid State Physics, Mineral Processing

Geotechnical and Mining Mechanical Engineering, Machine Building

Electrical Complexes and Systems

Power Supply Technologies

Environmental Safety, Labour Protection

Information Technologies, Systems Analysis and Administration

Economy and Management

Innovation Projects of National Mining University