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Institute of Mining

Director of Institute of Mining – Buzylo Vladimir Ivanovich, Doctor of technical science, Professor of the Department of Underground Mining.

Contacts: Tel.: (0562) 47-35-66
E-mail: BuziloV@nmu.org.ua

Institute of Mining was established in 2011 on the base of Mining faculty. Its activity is aimed at further improving organization of academic, educational, scientific and methodical work and research, and widening the collaboration with prominent native and foreign universities, educational institutions, industrial enterprises.

Institute of Mining consists of:

  • Mining faculty
  • Навчально-науково-виробничий комплекс "Вугілля"
  • Центр Екобезпека
  • Навчально-науково-виробничий комплекс "Безпека"
  • Українсько-польський науково-освітній центр радикальних технологій
  • Українсько-турецький науково-освітній центр "Гірнича справа"
  • Лабораторія з рудникового транспорту
  • Лабораторія Екобіотехнологій.
  • Seven departments carry out educational and scientific work. Bachelors, specialists, and masters are trained according to two specialism areas and eleven specializations.

    Teaching staff is trained by postgraduate and doctorate courses.

    Basic areas of institute scientific work include the following research and developments:

    · Coal mining by the method of underground coal gasification on the basis of thermochemical process control and complex use of coal gasification products;

    · Computer technology of geomechanical process prognoses in rock massif;

    · Technology of underground mining under complex mining and geological conditions with geodynamic fields;

    · Computer modeling of industrial processes at mining enterprises;

    · Theoretical substantiation and development of advanced methods of open-pit mining;

    · Development of energy saving technologies of mining mineral raw materials;

    · Development of new types of explosives and technology of crock crashing;

    · Study of aerodynamics and thermal modes of mine openings;

    · Control of mining ventilating and degasation systems;

    · Accident-prevention protection of mines and accident elimination;

    · Adaptation of transportation methods and methods of main traffic flow diagnosis for modern production environment of coal and ore mines;

    · Study of load lifting and mobile equipment of ore mines;

    · Geomechanical substantiation of processes of mining, accumulation, transportation, and utilization of coalbed methane;

    · Environmental safety and efficient use of resources in mining and metallurgical complexes;

    · Development of biotechnological methods of protection and recovery of environmental object state;

    · Development of extracting useful components from all kinds of wastes.

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