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Scientific-research and industrial-practice Center for man and nature safety "The environmental safety"

The Center was created in 2002 on the basis of chair of Ecology and branch scientific-research laboratory of electrodynamic methods of extraction of metals from wastes.

The "The environmental safety" Center main activities

In education:

- implements scientific-research and industrial-practice works by students, the organization industrial-practice training of students-ecologists;

- provides retraining and professional development of experts, officials, whose activity is connected with the necessity of ecology, environmental protection and ecological safety knowledge.

In science:

- performs scientific-research works in the field of developing new methods and manufacturing of devices for measurement of environment and human ecology parameters;

- implements the development of new technologies and equipment for cities and industries to reduce their environmental risk (in waste management, air emissions, wastewater and drinking water);

- implements environmental researches, studied the influence of geopathogenic zones of the natural and anthropogenic origin, the abnormal natural phenomena of positive and negative character, the extreme ecological phenomena and conditions of their emergence, and also develops recommendations and measures of protection from their influence;

- examines the effect of natural minerals, develops and implements in health care practice medical ecology principles, carries out ecological examinations from the point of view of ensuring ecological comfort of the person.

Achievements of the Center:

Over the period 1979 - 2000 years completed research works - 20, received inventions USSR - 50, foreign patents - 3: U.S. number 4238323; FRG number R2902219.3; and the UK number 2042936. Three installations for the removal of solid waste components useful in field conditions of SWC ranges were designed and produced.

Over the period from 2003 to 2011 7 research works were performed, 146 works, 8 methodical developments and 1 tutorial were published, 12 patents of Ukraine were received.

Staff of the "Environmental safety" Center in 2009 received a diploma of the State Department of Intellectual Property Education of MES Ukraine of the winner of all-ukrainian competition "Invention 2008" in nomination "Best Invention of the Dnepropetrovsk region in 2008."

By results of executed research works on creation new environmentally safe technologies of solid household and industrial wastes processing, was prepared and defended in 2010 doctoral thesis by A. Borysovska in specialty "Environmental Security".

Practical works of students on acquaintance with a method of kirliangraphic research of water, minerals, the soil and medical diagnostics in the conditions of JSC "Metal" are carried out.

One of the latest developments of the Centre – creation of the recreation rooms for rehabilitation of the person from stressful and information assignments, based on a useful effect of natural minerals of shungit and montmorillonite on the person. These two rooms are introduced in JSC "Metal" for the recovery of the company's workers.

The location of the Center in NMU, contacts:

The "The environmental safety" Centeris located in 10 school building of SHEI "NMU", on 7th floor, room 709. Tel. 38 (056) 744-61-93, e-mail: ecobezpeka_NGU@ukr.net.

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