National TU Dnipro Polytechnic — Compliance with the Time


With the development of globalization processes communication with educational and scientific establishments on regional and international levels, cooperation with future employers of the students in education sector comes to the fore. Experience sharing helps our university to optimize educational process in compliance with modern trends and train specialists who deal with new technologies and are competitive on labor market.

National Mining University cooperates with more than 40 universities and scientific establishments of 20 western and central European, Asian and North American countries. Research and educational projects are performed by our university with foreign countries.

There are cultural-educational centers in National Mining University: Ukrainian-American linguistic center, Ukrainian-German cultural center, Ukrainian-Spanish-Latin-American cultural center, Ukrainian-Japanese cenCRW_3982_new.JPGter and Center of Ukrainian-Polish cooperation.

National Mining University is often visited by foreign guests. Students and aspirants receive international awards, pass traineeship in another countries.

Cooperation activates scientific potential of the university and contributes to solving important problems in spheres of modern science and education.

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