National TU Dnipro Polytechnic — Compliance with the Time

slide_new.jpgNational Mining University - a research national higher education establishment of Dnipropetrovsk that exists more than 100 years. High quality education is guaranteed by qualified faculty, modern computer facilities, library with more than one million books and modern technology of teaching. In addition, there are some programs at the university aimed at developing leadership and organizational qualities of students, allowing them to employ in the future high positions in their sphere of activity.

National Mining University has old and close scientific and educational connections with many countries, what confirms its participation in various international programs, prestigious congresses and symposiums. Our students and graduates receive international scholarships or internships at universities in Germany, Poland, UK, Spain and the United States. Active international cooperation requires a high-level language knowledge that teachers and students can get in the linguistic, cultural and educational centers of NMU.

Science is actively developing in the university: great number of scientific-educational centers are working, scientific conferences, seminars and competitions are held.

Since 1926, department of military training works in NMU. During training future officers get the required knowledge of military theory and practice of using units in a modern combined arms combat, study military engineering, communications, defense against weapons of mass destruction, topography and other disciplines.

However, the student's life is not only training, but also a interesting and varied leisure activities. In our university there are sports clubs, groups formed by hobbies and interests, also any student’s initiatives are supported.
The atmosphere of cooperation and mutual respect reigns here. This is the establishment, which retains the traditions of old education system and uses the best global standards and methods of preparing highly qualified specialists, and that’s why our motto is: "The National Mining University - matching time."

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