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Dnipro University of Technology establishes ties with Lancaster University, United Kingdom

The online meeting of the Dnipro University of Technology with representatives of the University of Lancaster (United Kingdom) took place. This initial event opens a new direction for deep and multi-vector cooperation between universities under support of the Cormack Consultancy Group, the company working in the field of higher education.

The company in partnership with Universities UK (https://www.universitiesuk.ac.uk) has launched an initiative called “Twinning Initiative”. The essence of the initiative is that your university is twinned with a university from the UK (or the EU) of a similar profile, size and education offer.


From the side of Dnipro University of Technology, 4 representatives participated in online meeting: Prof. Oleksandr Shashenko, Vice-Rector for International Affairs; Dr. Mykola Tregub, Vice-Rector for scientific-pedagogical, educational work and long-term development; Prof. Oleksandr Kovrov, Head of International office; Dr. Kateryna Zhabchyk, Head of International academic mobility department.


The University of Lancaster was represented by Prof. Simon Guy, Pro-Vice-Chancellor Global (Digital, International, Sustainability); Ben Matthews, Director of Opportunities, Lancaster University Students' Union; Andrew Barker, Director of Library Services & Learning Development.

Lancaster University expressed their support and solidarity with DUT regarding the Russian aggression and war in Ukraine.


During the initial Twinning call between Lancaster University (LU) and Dnipro University of Technology (DUT), the participants briefly introduced the profile of universities and focused on general scope of further collaboration:

    • Mobility projects for staff and students;
    • Refurbishment of accommodation and infrastructure objects;
    • Joint laboratories and research projects.

The areas of joint actions and needs for facilitating collaboration were discussed. As DUT has wide experience in with sending and receiving students via Erasmus, DAAD and the British Council programs, we could broaden mobilities in UK including academic courses, participation in conferences, summer schools, etc. Also, LU offered considerable support for library resources that gives excellent opportunity to use online resources for DUT students.


We do hope that such a good start of collaboration with Lancaster University under support of Cormack Consulting Group will ensure step-by-step development of professional cooperation in academic sphere and research. 

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