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Production technology of firm organic fuel

DEVELOPERS: prof. P.I. Pilov, prof. V. I. Bondarenko, docent O.A. Gayday, scientific associate N.O. Shvets, scientific associate P.O. Chechel, engineer V. I. Malchenko


The technology of a cold pelleting of materials consists in the fact that components of an initial raw mix (furnace charge) with strengthening additives (not extinguished lime, liquid glass, Portland cement, construction plaster), if necessary, are exposed to thorough mixing and destructuring on briquetting installation owing to what the plastic paste with the increased adhesive ability is appeared.


Creation of additional fuel sources from products and wastes of the coal-mining, woodworking and agricultural industry (brown coal, peat, lignite, coal slimes and their combinations, sawdust, a peel of seeds, fine-dispersed plywood).


Pelleted cylindrical fuel cores of the certain form received in the process of pressing (under the influence of small pressure of 1,2 - 2,0 MPa)

The technology (contains "Know-how") is based on adhesive and chemical processes of interaction of parts of composite fuel that are formed in briquettes by means of author's installation.

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