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Automated control system for the complex of the mine water exhausting

DEVELOPERS: correspondent member of NAS of Ukraine A.S. Beshta, docent A.A. Azyukovsky, docent O.V. Balakhontsev, s.s.c. (senior scientific collaborator) S.S. Hudoley, s.s.c. D.O. Beshta, s.s.c. I.I. Peltek.


Development is directed on minimization of the means necessary on operation of system of water exhausting at the expense of an optimum combination of pump units and the organization of such schedule of turning off pumps on which full pumping out of mine waters provided at the minimum specific cost (UAH/m3)

The actual pressure characteristics of pump units differ from each other and from passport indicators.

Turning on of pump units with essentially various characteristics for parallel work leads to that certain pump units consume electric energy without doing a contribution to the total giving. It causes increase of resultant cost of 1 m3 of extracted water.

Energy saving sources at operation of the complex of water exhausting are:

• providing monitoring of the actual technical state of each pump unit for formation of the list of service priorities

• a choice of an optimum combination of pump units for minimization of specific energy consumption

• automated pre-peak turning on of pump units - introduction of the optimum schedule of turning on of pump units for providing the minimum size of pumping

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