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Management of scientific-research department

beshta_keriv.pngBeshta Aleksandr Stepanovich - vice-rector for Scientific Work, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor.

He graduated from the Dnepropetrovsk Mining Institute (now the National Mining University) in 1979 and received a diploma of an electrical engineer. At NMU he worked as an engineer, researcher, graduate student, assistant, docent, professor, head of the Electric drive Department, the dean of an Electrical Engineering Faculty. Since 2006 he has been working as pro-rector on scientific work. In 1991 he defended his Ph.D. thesis, and in 2001 - his doctoral thesis.

Beshta A.S. – is well-known scientist, an expert in mining and metallurgical electric energy, the author of three monographs, tutorial, more than 150 scientific publications, including international journals, number of inventor's certificates and patents. His scientific activity is devoted to systematic scientific researches in the line of the establishment of fundamental principles of the efficient use of energy potential geotechnical systems, mining and metallurgical industry. He developed the theory and created a system of energy-efficient control potent technological complex of mining-metallurgical enterprises based on up-to-date electric drive systems and automation solutions for the problems of energy conservation. He has supervised two doctoral and three candidate's theses.

Pro-rector Beshta A.S. holds scientific and organizational work in areas of development the innovation infrastructure of the University, establishing close relationships with the scientific and academic institutions and institutes of NASU (National academy of Sciences of Ukraine), integration into the international scientific-educational space, arrangement of interaction with national industrial enterprises, as well as large international corporations, the transfer of scientific developments, the creation of creative like-minded team.

Main responsibilities:

- Designs strategy for the development of scientific-research part;

- Sets the priority of scientific researches of the University and means of their financing;

- Takes part in the work of expert and methodical commission of NMU on consideration of scientific-research work of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, sectoral and departmental enterprises;

- Performs representative mission in the scientific-research work of the University in the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine, sectoral ministries;

- Coordinates the work of business-structures and foreign organizations about joint scientific-research projects.

dychkovsk_keriv.pngDichkovsky Roman Emelyanovich - the deputy pro-rector on scientific work, the chief of a scientific-research part, Candidate of Technical Sciences, docent.

Dichkovsky R. . is the pupil of underground mining department, which he finished in 1996, having received a high-degree in speciality «Underground mining of mineral deposits». In 1999 after finishing postgraduate study he started magistral work. Defended a thesis on a subject: Justification of rational parameters of mine works technology at the borders of tension fields (on the example of Lvov-Volynskyi coal basin) .

Since 2003 he works as docent of underground mining department, since February 2008 - the deputy pro-rector on scientific work, and since June 2011 - the chief of a scientific-research part.

He gives a great attention to development of international relations of the University and performance of research works at the expense of international financial structures. From November 2007 to September 2008 he passed probation in the Institute of mineral raw materials and power engineering of the Polish academy of sciences (Krakow), in December 2011 he represented the University as a part of official delegation MESyouthsport (the Ministry of Education and Science) during visiting divisions of US State department and higher educational institutions of North America at the implementation of the Voluntary Visitors program. He is also a director of the Ukrainian-Polish cooperation Center of the National Mining University.

Performing his professional duties he combines with the performing scientific-research works. He gives a special attention to realization subjects under economic contracts and works at the expense of the international financial structures. He took direct participation in creation of Scientific training center Problems of highly effective use of an energy potential of geotechnical systems of Ukraine (the director of this Center), and also in realization within the framework of two research projects in the total cost of 3,2 million UAH.

Scientific researches of Dichkovsky R. . are carried out in the sphere of improvement of thin coal layers development by means of traditional and new radical technologies in the following directions:

- Justification of the high-mechanized and high-speed technologies parameters, studying the intense-deformed condition of a massif at the production of thin coal layers using the new level equipment, specifically in zones of geological faults and a variable structural composition.

- Justification of the parameters of underground borehole coal gasification;

- Creation of computer imitating models in mining.

Main duties:

- Develops strategy of development of a research part, changes in its structure and the execution of orders directly by the pro-rector on scientific work and higher organs;

- Carries out representation the results of scientific development in the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the branch ministries and the departmental enterprises of a mining complex;

- Takes part in work of the expert-methodical commission of NMU on consideration of RDW (research and development works) of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the branch and departmental enterprises;

- Carries out the generation of ideas on carrying out researches and a choice of priority of research works performance;

- Carries out the consulting-methodical help concerning the conclusion of conditions on innovative development and a transfer of technologies.

shevchenko_keriv.pngShevchenko Sergey Viktorovich the deputy chief of a scientific-research part, Candidate of Geological Sciences, docent.

He received a higher education at the National Mining Academy of Ukraine (now the National Mining University), having received in 1999 a high-degree in speciality an economist. At NMU he worked as an engineer, researcher, graduate student, assistant, docent. Since 2008 worked as deputy chief of a scientific-research part. In 2004 he defended his Ph.D. thesis.

The direction of scientific activity: geological-economic evaluation of concomitant stocks of raw gems, especially at the operating mining enterprises.

Laureate of the President Grant for supporting the researches of young scientists in 2008, a winner of the contest of projects of young scientists "Young scientists - Dnepropetrovsk region" in 2009. Has rewards of NAS (the National Academy of Sciences) of Ukraine, university and applied-research awards.

Main duties:

- Responsible for a technical component of work of a research part of the National Mining University, performing researches, as well as for their accounting to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine;

- Responsible for the performance of a youth component of the scientific researches, development of youth scientific initiatives and transfer of research results into production;

- Coordinates the work of the Centre of scientific-technical creative work of youth, Students' Scientific Society and the Council of young scientists of the NMU through the generally university programs "We are 30", "Master- graduate student" and "Gifted youth", contests of scientific-educational and scientific-training centers;

- Coordinates the cooperation of deans’ substitutes for the scientific work with scientific circles of the faculty and council of young scientists.


The guidance work for the research part is carried out in the following areas:

- presentation of scientific-research part in cooperation with enterprises, institutions, organizations and certain citizens;

- the establishment and expansion the innovation infrastructure of the university;

- searching partners for the research projects among national and international educational, research and production facilities;

- coordination activity of scientific departments and co-authors of SRP (scientific-research projects);

- organization of scientific examination and discussion of intermediate and final results of scientific researches;

- ensuring standardization and normative control in science activity;

- responsibility for the timely and proper execution of theoretical and experimental studies, efficient use of funds that were received for their conduction, validity of planned, financial and establishment discipline, requirements of labour protection and safety engineering;

- organization of work for introduction the results of completed researches at the enterprises;

- organization of work for information service and material-technical support of researches;

- control of the rational use of unique and expensive instruments, equipment and computer aids.

- supporting of the University creative links with enterprises, organizations, ministries and departments;

- promoting of vocational training and retraining of scientific staff, including the sphere of invention and patent-licensing work.

- organization of work on certification of scientific personnel in according to the approved by the Cabinet of Ministers Statement.

- promoting of researchers involvement into the educational process of the university;

- searching areas of scientific researches and selection the priority of research works;

- searching ways of cooperation with foreign and national structures that are engaged into innovative projects and technology transfer;

- creation of individual and collective business activity during the implementation of scientific and practical projects of the university;

- searching and maintenance of an international themes in the framework of the scientific-research part;

- control of the patent and license work and protection of intellectual property rights;

- implementation of licenses for the use of research results of scientific researches in the internal and external markets;

- control of accounting the University innovative developments and patent-license developments of scientific-magistral staff;;

- preparation of proposals to the projects of financial plan, plans of scientific-research works and their implementation control.

- preparation of proposals about including developments into the national and regional scientific-technical programs, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness of researches aimed at the creation of final product;

- distribution of information about regional, national and international competitions, grants, scholarship programs and premiums among the young scientists of the University, establishing the feedback with departments.

- collecting data about the participation of students and young scientists from NMU in science-education competitions - the tenders and winners;

- distribution of information about holding the international and All-Ukrainian scientific-applied conferences and seminars for young scientists and students at the faculties, establishing the feedback with departments;

- ensuring organizational questions for participation of NMU students in I and II second round of All-Ukrainian Olympiads, holding the "Week of student science at the NMU";

- formation of students database who want to be engaged in scientific activity with the definition of their supervisors;

- organization of periodical reference books from regional, national and international competitions for scholarships and grants;

- maintenance of projects and applications from young scientists of NMU to participate in competitions for grants and scholarships.

Contact information: Room 4/34, phoneS: 744-62-14, 3-36.

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