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International Conference "Information Technologies in Science & Education" 26.09.2017

International Conference "Information Technologies in Science & Education"

Department of Machinery Design Fundamentals (OKMM (укр.) invites to participate in the first India-Ukraine-Spain virtual conference "Information Technologies in Science & Education". The virtual conference is dedicated to educational problems, scientific development and international cooperation. 

The conference is recognized as academic mobility and its certificate can be used for accreditation purposes.


10:00 am – 14:00 pm

Keynote: Presentation of the Universities and their participants

Brief speech of Rectors and official representatives.

The First Session begins at 12:30 pm in Indian Time and 10:am GMT


10:00 Rector of National Mining University, Speakers: NMU – Prof. Pivnyak Gennadiy, Prof. Shashenko Oleksander (10 Min), Prof. Beshta Olxander (10 Min)

Vice Chancellor VIT University

Mr. G.V. Selvam, (10 Min)

Vice-President, VIT University

Dr. Arivazhagan, (10 Min)

Head of the Machinery Technology Department

Dr. Anand Samuel, (10 Min)

10:45 Departments presentation

Machinery Design Fundamentals Department

Speakers: Prof. Ziborov Kirill, (10 Min)

Deputy Head of the Automobile Economy Department

Prof. Krivda V.V., (10 Min)

Machine Technology Department

Prof. Protsiv Volodymyr (10 Min)

11:20 VIT presentation

VIT – A Brief Presentation of the Labs at VIT and Department Heads present their strengths and areas of current research & Centres

Dr. Dr. Ramesh Kumar, Director of Automotive Research Centre (10 Min)

Dr. Thoondil Karuparaj, Department of Automobile Engineering (10 Min)

Dr. Devendranath  RamKumar, Department of Manufacturing. (10 Min)

Dr. Satish, Head, Department of Thermal and Energy Engineering (10 Min)

Dr. Arun Tom Mathew, Head, Department of Design and Automation (10 Min)

Dr. Venu Gopal, Head, Department of Technology Management (5 min)

12:00 scientific achievements introduction

Presentation of the scientific achievements of the universities.


Head of the Research Department

Prof. Nikitenko Igor (10 Min)

Professor of the Department of Electrical Drive

Prof. Balakhontsev Alexander (10 Min)

VIT – Dr. Buvaneswari, Dean, Academic Research, VIT University (10 Min)

Dean, Academic Research (Patents, Publications, etc)

VIT- Dr. Arulmozhivarman Dean, School of Electrical Engineering (10 Min)

12:40 pm Information technologies in education

Sharing the educational issue in both countries and technologies to solve them

NMU – Prof. Protsiv Vladimir (10 Min)

Head of the Machinery Technology Department

VIT-  Dr. Karthikeyan, (10 Min)

Assistant Professor, SSL, VIT.

13:00 pm Technology & Solutions

Negotiating the prospects of teaching excellence

Speakers: NMU –Prof. Protsiv Vladimir, (10 Min)

Head of the Machinery Technology Department

Prof. Bas Konstantin  (10 Min)

Head of the Automobile Economy Department

VIT – Prof. C. Ramesh, Director, Center for Automotive Research (10 Min)

Dr. M. Teresa Cuberes

Professor, University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain (10 Min)

14:00 Closing the event

Sharing the lecturers’ presentations, certificates emission.

Speakers: NMU –Prof. Fedoriachenko Serhii

Deputy Head of the Machinery Design Fundamentals Department

VIT – Dr. Vijayaraghavan , Dean SAS

Greetings by Dr. S Kalainathan,  Dr. Sathya Swaroop .S Dr.  Girish Joshi
Location: 1st webcam room 1/125, 2nd webcam 1/87
Date 26/09/17

For any inquiries please contact Serhii Fedoriachenko. Ph. +38 097 095 73 92 

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