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To heads, chiefs, managers of companies and students!

International academic programmes

To heads, chiefs, managers of companies and students!

You have the opportunity to gain degrees and receive diplomas of the world leading universities due to participation in the Academic Programmes, which are supported by the National Mining University in cooperation with their primary providers - partner universities of Europe and the USA.

AVAILABLE International Academic Programmes:

1. Bachelor of Business Administration, Great Britain.

2. Master of Business Administration, USA.

3. Master of Financial Management, Poland.

4. Master of Project Management, Poland.

5. Master of Mining Engineering, Austria, Germany, Ukraine.

Each programme has a unique profile in terms of study field, curriculum and syllabuses, form, academic team, application process, degrees awarded and fee schedule.

Language of study - English language.

Benefits for Ukrainian students who will take part in THE programmes APPLY TO:

· receive a legal degree of foreign universities;

· study in Ukraine (some programmes provide short-term academic trips to foreign universities) to keep the workplace and be with families;

· experience benefits of on-line education and partially F2F sessions;

· take classes in the group, on-line sessions, tests and exams that are flexible and well-adapted to the dynamic rhythm of modern life;

· enjoy financially affordable education to save money;

· learn English of academic and business level.

We open new type of European and American education for you, but also introduce to high requirements met in highly developed countries by business and professional leaders!


Department of International Academic Programmes NMU

Pashkevich Marina Sergeevna

phone: (056) 373-08-51, (096) 238-44-92

e-mail: Pashkevichm@nmu.org.ua

Please call or sent us e-mail if you have questions at any time convenient for you and we will answer!

Soon we will be pleased to welcome you on our official website of the NMU International Academic Programmes.

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