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Congratulations to the winners of the competition for a trip to Croatia

Representatives of the National Contact Point of the EU Horizon – 2020 Program "Clean and Efficient Energy Efficiency" and the management of the project implemented under the EU program Horizon – 2020: "Dubrovnik Mining School" held a competition among students, postgraduates and young scientists to participate in the events of the mentioned School.

As a result, five students of different specialties were selected, who on 20 – 25 November, 2017 were able to undertake training in Croatia and to increase their knowledge on the deposits mining with minimal impact on the environment.

These are the following students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Construction and Mining Institute:

- Lysenko Danilo, MMF, 184m;

- Pechersk Vadim, MMF, 184m;

- Ivanova Sofia, FB, BD-15-1;

- Nazarovets Vladislav, FB, GRb-15-1;

- Rogovsky Matviy, GF, 184-17sk-3.

Students, participants of the School, together with project managers prof. Dychkovsky R.O. and as. Tyhmeneva K. E.

The head of the group is Chief of the Department of International Academic Mobility K.Ie. Tyhmenev. We wish success to our colleagues, new knowledge and emotions from watching places in the country where the main shootings of the film "The game of the thrones." were made.

Press Service of the National Contact Point: "Safe, Clean and Efficient Energy"

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