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Prophylactorium of National Mining University

Head Doctor of Prophylactorium - Maksimenko Ludmila

Ambulatory type Prophylactorium (without interruption of educational process and accomodation)works from September to June (10 arrivals).

Duration of arrivals may be 18, 21 and 24 days.

Students pay for a voucher 10% of its total value, which is 130 - 150 UAH.

Orphans receive a free voucher.

Prophylactorium vacationers are provided with meals and medication.

Meals: 3-time, high-quality, full, balanced, if necessary - died.


  • medical checkup and consultation of therapist and dentist;
  • medical treatment;
  • massage room;
  • physiotherapy department (ultrahigh-frequency therapy, microwave therapy, galvanization and electrophoresis, quartz, amplipulse therapy, ultrasound, diadynamic therapy,arsonvalization, electrosleep and so on );
  • inhalatorium;
  • manipulation room;
  • oxygen foam and herbal medicine rooms;
  • relaxation room;
  • dental room;
  • thermotherapy room (paraffin, ozokerit) and so on.

  • In Prophylactorium work highly qualified specialists (doctors and and nurses the highest and first qualifying category, professional experience over 20 years).

    Every year the reabilitation course in the Prophylactorium take more than 700 students of National Mining University.

    Contacts: (0562) 47-14-04

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