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The new unique equipment is purchased using the REC costs. The National Mining University will be capable to increase the level of laboratory research and toexpand the spectrum of scientific experiments thanks to the CRDF Grant.

Spectrometer of electronic paramagnetic resonance 


(Fizelektronpribor, Russia)

The spectrometer of electronic paramagnetic resonance (EPR) is intended to measure how materials, containing paramagnetic particles, absorb the HFW-influence that depends on induction of a permanent magnetic field. Equipment is used for studying the rock micro-structure.
Working frequency is 9,3 - 9,6 GHz.

Portable voice analyzer (Bruel and Kjaer, Denmark)


Portable voice analyzer of the 2250 type is the innovative engineering tool of fourth generation. It is used for studying the disturbances in the bedrock structure induced by mining works.
- Estimating and controlling noise in the environment,
- Measuring sound with the first class in accordance with the modern international standards,
- Octave and 3-octave analyzing sound in the real time mode,
- Analyzing the time-dependent diagrams of parameters and spectrums.

Proton magnetometer (Geometrics, USA)

oborud6.jpgThe proton magnetometer by company Geometrics (USA) is intended for measuring the Earth’s magnetic field for solving the variety of geological, environmental and technical tasks.
Used for education of engineers-geophysicists as well as for doing experimental studies such as micro-magnetic survey.
Survey accuracy is 0,1 nT. 


The research testing machine for durability forges of breeds and building materials

Model: KC-200/EUR
Producer: "Tecnotest" company, Italy, Modena.

It is intended for concrete samples durability definition on compression, forges of breeds in laboratory conditions.

The maximum compression capacity: 200 tons.

Appearing through electronic microscope


Model: PEM-U
Producer: «Selmi», Ukraine, Sumy.

Small-sized electronic microscope with X-raying for wide range of scientific applications. It is used for studying the microstructure of solids including rocks.

The main features of equipment:

  • stability of the control system to external impacts;

  • high resolution of crystal images;

  • high quality of digital maps;

  • high stability to vibration.

Laboratory equipment for triaxial testing of soils

Model: TriSCAN Advanced 10kN
Producer: VJTech, Wokingham, Berkshire, United Kingdom.


The equipment is intended for triaxial testing of soils by compression in labs.
It is the metallic frame with built-in devices for measuring pressure, transducers to provide the pressure on a load cell containing soil samples. The results of measurements are collected in the data logger. The complex includes also the automated pressure controllers, compressor, testing accessories. The logger enables measuring with simultaneous real-time data accumulation (up to 12000 readings).

Maximal loading for compressed samples is 10 kN

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