National TU Dnipro Polytechnic — Compliance with the Time


We are living in a century of active technology development, overall automation of different processes and expansion of world communications, when we have a strong need for educated professionals with a fundamental knowledge and ability to think innovatively.

National Mining University has the research status, so the main tasks of the educational process are using flexible educational programs, modern learning tools and providing conditions for student participation in scientific and technological researches with subsequent using the results in industry.

Education at the University gives you not only theoretical knowledge and practical skills in chosen profession, but also develops your sense of purpose, responsibility, ability to work and achieve goals. Our teachers are always ready to support actively the talented students who have interesting ideas, a deIMG_4446_new.JPGsire to participate in international programs and present their projects at various competitions.

Years spent in the walls of the National Mining University will give you high-level knowledge that will become the foundation for your future professional development.

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