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Autodesk software

The “Autodesk” company offers students and teachers free student versions of software for engineering and design, as well as free tutorials on working with them.

These software products and training materials are intended solely for self-education, so they can be installed only on the personal (home) computers. Using of student versions at schools and laboratories, as well as in commercial interests and for profit is prohibited.

Free downloaded Autodesk software has all the functionality of the programs designed for professional use, but while printing on every page displays a warning text that prohibits using of the program in professional, commercial interests and for profit.

To be eligible for free download and use the software you have to go through on-line registration in the Autodesk Education Community :

Students who are members of the community, can not only download the software, but also to participate in the student competitions, which Autodesk hold.

More detailed information and a list of available for download software products can be viewed at:

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