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Borehole underground coal gasification (BUCG)

DEVELOPERS: member of the Academy of NAS of Ukraine G.G. Pivnyak, prof. V.I. Bondarenko, prof. M.M. Tabachenko, docent V.S. Falshtinsky, docent R.E. Dichkovsky, docent S.Yu. Svetkina, engineer E.V. Tymoshenko, engineer V.G. Lozinsky, engineer P.B. Saik


New technological schemes of BUCG were developed. It allows to provide production, complex processing of gasification products and recovery of heat of the rocks, containing an underground gas generator that is equipped from a day surface or in mine conditions in a mode of operated process of gasification taking into account natural factors and technological parameters in closed ecologically safe cycle.


Substandard stocks of black and brown coal with a depth of occurrence from 50 m and more, a hade 0 - 900, thickness 0,4 m and more at underworking and overworking of seams in an ascending and descending order, and also combustible slates, the heavy (waxed) oil.


Thermal and electric energy, chemical products, combustible gas, liquid (gas) motor fuel, hydrogen, etc.

Technology basis (that contains "Know-how") are constructions of underground gas generators with an injection stowing of the deformed rocks and outgased space with mobile package and pipe system of giving of multicomponent diverse temperature blasting mixes with control of balance of thermochemical reactions in the conditions of change of tightness of an underground gas generator

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