National TU Dnipro Polytechnic Compliance with the Time

Elevator installations of new generation

The work is noted by the Award of the President of Ukraine for young scientists (2011)

DEVELOPERS: prof. S. E. Blohin, docent D. L. Kolosov (NMU), engineer M. M. Shydo (JSC Krivbaszhalizrudkom)


The gearless elevator of new generation with flat rubber-rope cables.

New flat rubber-rope cables reinforced by ropes of a small diameter with small radiuses of a bend that are protected from corrosion.

New compact gearless winch for rubber-rope cables with a small radius of a bend and a rope-driving pulley of d =125-150mm.


durability of traction body and its reliability are increased in 4-5 times

decrease in power consumption of elevator installation

reduction of outer dimensions of installation (don't demand a machine floor)

use of the gearless winch

essential decrease in a noise level and increase in smoothness of the elevator motion

traction cables are completely protected by a rubber cover and are not exposed to corrosion

current control of the ropes integrity (24 hours)


According to the State committee on industrial safety, labor protection and mining supervision of Ukraine (Gosgorpromnadzor State industrial inspection) there are 112623 elevator installations with steel ropes of the previous generation in the territory of Ukraine today, 22906 of them are worked off normative term of operation. Expected economic effect during the updating of an elevator economy and replacement of ropes on the worked-out 22906 elevator installations will give annual economy more than 35-40 million UAH. At further replacement of rubber-rope cables of all Ukrainian park of elevator installations the annual economy will make more than 165-200 million UAH.

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