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Hyrbridization of vehicles with engines of internal combustion

DEVELOPERS: members of chairs of the electric drive, cars and automobile economy, systems of power supply, bases of designing of cars and mechanisms.


On a vehicle with an internal combustion engine the following components are installed: the additional accumulator for energy cumulation, the electric drive and a control system of a combined work of an internal combustion engine and electric equipment. The parallel scheme of a hybrid drive can be chosen that provides for mechanical connection of engine of an internal combustion with electric one. Also consecutive scheme of a hybrid drive can be chosen in which the additional generator is connected with the accumulator and the driving electric motor. The first option has advantage in specific capacity of the vehicle; the second option provides the best controllability with a vehicle and higher reliability.


Cars and cargo vehicles of small loading capacity with engines of internal combustion.


Installation of the hybrid power unit on vehicles allows to reduce fuel consumption on the average by 20 %, and significantly reduce the number of harmful emissions in the atmosphere. 

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