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Scientific approaches and engineering methods of diagnostics of electromechanical systems of industrial mechanisms

In 2007 scientific work is noted by an award of the President of Ukraine for young scientists.

DEVELOPERS: docent O. V. Balakhontsev, senior research fellow (s.r.f.) S. S. Hudoley, s.r.f. E.G. Hudyi.


Scientific value of the obtained results is to create fundamentally new scientific approaches for determination of parameters of electromechanical systems, development of methodology for determination of power parameters, creation of the diagnostic technique of electromechanical systems. Results of work are used for a wide class of the industrial equipment.


Potential customers of scientific techniques are domestic electric-repair plants, the manufacturing enterprises of electric motors, the metallurgical enterprises, mining and processing industrial complexes, etc.


The system of diagnostics is intended for monitoring of parameters of the asynchronous electric drive. By monitoring mean periodic determination of parameters and coordinates of a drive, preservation of identification results and transferring to their user. The result of parameters’ identification is used for adaptation of a control system or for optimization its adjusting and power indicators - depending on a class of the production mechanism. 

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