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Acoustic system of the forecast of gas-dynamic phenomena in coal mines AK-1M

DEVELOPERS: prof. O.M. Shashenko, s.s.a. E.V. Maslennikov, docent V.M. Zhuravlev, s.a. I.V. Kondratyuk, j.s.a. M.S. Dubitskaya.


Hardware (intrinsically safe ground and underground parts) and methodical (manual for the mining personnel and methodologies of adaptation) equipment of coal mine is an effective method of prediction of dangerous gas dynamic phenomena without modification of existing technology of coal mining. The equipment in a convenient and simple way shows the current level of safety in the excavation in real time and notify in advance about the possibility of sudden gas or coal outburst. In development the standard way of the acoustic forecast of sudden emissions is realized. It differs by high precision of the forecast in comparison with existing analogs. 

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