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Creation and implementation of the complex of equipment for power supply, management and protection of technological systems of mining enterprises

DEVELOPERS: prof. S.I. Vypanasenko, prof. V.V. Sobolev, prof. F.P. Shkrabets (NMU); E.A. Varenik, A.N. Omelchenko, V.M. Savitsky, I.Ya. Chernov (UkrRIEPEE - Ukrainian research institute of explosion-proof electric equipment); V.S. Dzyuban (JSC “Donetskstal-metallurgical plant”).


It is theoretically proved and practically solved a wide range of problems concerning safety of the personnel and ensuring high reliability of work of mining electric equipment and systems of underground power supply at the application of high levels of voltage supply (660, 1140, 6000 V). Offered decisions concern both power electric equipment, and functioning of control and protection systems.


Mining industry, and also the enterprises of chemical, oil, gas and other branches of a national economy, that have dangerously explosive atmosphere.


Economic effect of introduction in production developments over the last 5 years makes more than 250 million UAH. Approximate prices on equipment: starters, automatic switches, power supplies - from 20 to 30 thousand UAH; devices of smooth start-up - from 120 to 180 thousand UAH; management stations - from 200 thousand UAH.

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