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Automatic control system of technological process (ACS TP) of mine's drainage system

The objectives of research work

Assessment of the current technical condition of drainage system components and studying their individual characteristics.

Elaboration of options for improving energy efficiency of the mine's drainage system and the choice of option, which satisfies the requirements of the customer.

Development and approval of technical specification for the automated control system of mine drainage.

Problem solutions

Monitoring the technical condition of the MDI (mine drainage installation) complex

Improving energy efficiency of the MDI complex

Management of the MDI complex by means of the system that is compatible with ERP-system (Enterprise resource planning) of corporation

Appointment of ACS TP of water drainage

ACS TP of water drainage is intended for the organization of technological process of pumping on the principle of minimum energy consumption at the expense of:

  • measurement the main energy characteristics and indicators of operation of pump units;
  • an assessment of overall performance of pump units at their parallel work on the general manifold;
  • grouping of pump units with a minimum negative mutual influence;

Improving of work energy efficiency

Energy efficiency algorithm:

Inclusion in operation of pump units with high energy efficiency. Continuous monitoring of technical condition of each pump unit and creation of the table of priority inclusions.

Choosing the best combination of pump units at their joint work on the general manifold.

Prediction of specific expenses of the electric power for each combination of pumps and selecting the best combination.

Automated pre- spike inclusion of pump units.

Calculation of the optimum schedule of inclusions of pump units for criterion of a minimum of expenses for the electric power taking into account daily tariffs.

ACS TP of water drainage and ERP-system

ACS TP of water drainage - a source of credible, reliable, accurate and complete information about the current technical condition of drainage system components.

Structurally ACS TP of water drainage is a control module which can be extended to the control DSS (Decision Support System) of mine's drainage system for the purpose of the effective solution of problems of management of technological process of water drainage and human resources, material resources, repairs and other works of a complex.

The control DSS of a complex of mine's water drainage is performed compatible with ERP-system of corporation and is technically necessary for the successful operation of ERP-system.

Expected results

Optimal control of pump units is allow to reduce daily energy consumption, provide annual cost saving for water drainage.

The resulting annual saving of annual expenses is about 1760 thousand UAH at inflow of water about 1500 m3.

The payback period of the project doesn't exceed some years depending on working conditions of the MDI, maintenance of pumping units and their effective work.


Change of parameters of pumps


Change of parameters of water drainage network

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