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Requirements to registration of article

Languages: Ukrainian, English, and Russian

Structure of article: introduction - statement of a problem in a general view; a condition of a question, allocation of a unresolved part of a problem to which given article is devoted; the formulation of the purposes of article, statement of problems (tasks); a statement of the basic material of researches from a substantiation of the received scientific results; conclusions by results of the executed researches and the short information on prospects of their subsequent use.

The text of article in volume from 5 up to 10 pages, including the summary, tables and figures, should be sent to the following e-mail: or The text should be printed by black ink on one side of the sheet without numbering pages. Font is Times New Roman, font size is 12. An interval between terms is single. All margins are 2 cm.

Article should be prepared according to the following requirement:

· The article title - by capital letters, bold, smoothing on a center without hyphenations.

Initials, last name of author, organization, country – by italic font, smoothing on a center without hyphenations.

Annotation by the language of the article up to 7 lines, indention space 5 mm, smoothing on a width, automatic hyphenation.

Article is presented as a print version. Indention space is 5 mm, smoothing on a width, automatic hyphenation, without redundant spaces. All formulas must be inserted in mathematical editors in-built Word editor "Equation" or the same program MathType. Using tables as a graphic object from specialized software is not allowed.

Tables and pictures with relevant descriptions are placed inside the text as an objects.

Illustrations should be black-and-white or black-grey colors. Between numbers of pictures and tables the inseparable space should be inserted (Ctrl+Shift+Space).

The list of references according to standards.

Sample in pdf format

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