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Centre for Entrepreneurship Development Business-incubator of the National Mining University

Business-incubator of the NMU!

Creation. Diligence. Outcome.


Time requirements meet positive answer of the training system at the self-governing research-intensive National Mining University.

Getting fundamental knowledge due to education, expanding existing knowledge frontiers due to research activity, promoting new knowledge due to entrepreneurship are the unique chance for personal development, Universitys growing and Ukraines advance. And it could be taken by gifted, highly motivated youth.

Business-incubator of the NMU was established on the 16th of December, 2009, as a department of the University. Its mission is shaping special business area and imitating market model for training students to be successful entrepreneurs and feel competitive atmosphere good. Also the Business-incubator facilitates cooperation between scholars, students and entrepreneurs.

The Incubators activities are guided by receiving new ideas during creation process and their implementing for society well-being.


  • Promote science, education and entrepreneurship integration
  • Transfer results of scientific research into business
  • Develop business-area for students and teaching staff for adapting and exploring the free market rules.



(arranging conferences, seminars, round tables, contests, PR actions in favour of studying, research life-style, personal development, setting links with business)


(holding master-classes From an idea to profit, consulting on starting and having business)

Small business incubating

(projects commerce potential evaluation, supporting start-ups in developing their own business initiative).

Traditional events:

  • Trainings and Master-classes
  • Business-idea Contest
  • International Conference Technology transfer: from an idea to profit

Honoured partners:

  • Dnipropetrovsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Donetsk Regional Business-incubator
  • Commerce and Industry Corporation Rainford
  • Scientific and Industry Company Grossbee
  • Real Estate Agency New Home
  • Company Grow Group Consulting

We invite everybody who strives for life-long learning, creating and succeeding!

If your life-style is to work hard, see perspectives and achieve effect though the Business-incubator is your reliable partner!


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