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The Centre for Ukrainian-Polish Cooperation

The Centre was established with the purpose of expanding scientific, cultural and business relations of the National Mining University with higher educational schools, research and industrial establishments of Poland.

The activity of the Center consists of:

  1. Presentations of the National Mining University in Poland and other countries of the world;
  2. Cultural and educational work;
  3. Conducting of research;
  4. Commercial activity.

We propose services on:

  1. Study of the Polish colloquial and written language;
  2. Exchange of the teachers, post-graduate students and students;
  3. Tours in places of the Polish culture in Ukraine and abroad;
  4. Translation of printed information from the Polish, Ukrainian, Russian and English languages;
  5. Interpreters of colloquial Polish, Ukrainian, Russian and English languages;
  6. Set, correcting of the texts;
  7. Opportunity of Internet usage;
  8. Search of business-partners in Poland;
  9. Writing of common research projects;
  10. Information about the market of coal & spare parts of Polish and Ukrainian mining equipment;
  11. Publishing the scientific works and articles in the proceedings in Ukraine and Poland.


Phones: +38 (0562) 45-99-74


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