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International conference of engineering education aspects

From the 30th of October till the 4th of November 2012 in Antalia (Turkey) delegation of National Mining University represented by members of Underground Mining Department V.I Buzilo, prof., director of the mining institute; V.I. Bondarenko, prof., head of Underground Mining Department; I.A. Kovalevska, professor of the Underground Mining Department; K.A. Ganushevich, Underground Mining Department assistant participated in International conference of engineering education aspects, held by 3 universities: Atilim University (Turkey), Ankara University (Turkey), Southern Illinois University Edwardswille (USA).

The goal was to consider issues of concern and to improve engineering education, particularly new approaches and methodologies of students. education. The other questions were higher education reorganization, creation of science parks, problems of modern education, IHL accreditation, quality of education and other. Special attention is focused on studying of professional English, world's education globalization and international mobility. Reporters of the National Mining University delegation were:

prof. Kovalevska I.A. with her report: «Professional foreign language for mining engineer sin the National Mining University of Ukraine for integration into the world society». Presentation kindled the member's interest and was followed by lively discussions and cooperation offers.

As. Ganushevich K.A. with his report: «Implementation of competent approach to formation of structural-logical scheme for designing the higher engineering education standards». The report attracted interest of foreign colleagues especially the question about Obolonski process, integration of our education into European and rating of students according to European standards.

At the meeting with representatives of foreign universities (U.S., Turkey) terms of possible cooperation during the exchange of students and teachers, participation in international projects and writing joint research papers were discussed.

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