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Center for analytical-technological researches of mineral and technogenic raw materials (CATR SHEI "NMU")

Head of CATR - candidate of geologic-mineralogical sciences, leading research associate Sergey E. Popovchenko.

Normative documents on the establishment of the Centre:

The NMAU Order № 120 from 30 June 2000.

The regulation of CATR approved by Order № 120 of NMAU from 30 June 2000 (with additions from 2010 year).

The main activity of CATR is studying of geochemistry, geology and metallogeny of precious metals of the Ukrainian shield and the ore mineralization associated with them.

The main activities of CATR are:

1. Geology, geochemistry and ore formation of precious metals in natural and technogenic objects;

2. Improvement and development of new ways and methods of diagnostics and analytical determination of the precious metals content;

3. Development of technologies of the ores enrichment with a finely dispersed distribution of particles of precious metals and receiving collective concentrates.

4. Development of the non-typical laboratory and analytical equipment for enrichment, processing, extraction and analystics of precious metals.

CATR offers the introduction of the developed technologies:

- enrichment of poor chromite ores from nontronitovy crusts of weathering;

- processing of ash-ablations of heatpower stations in industrial products;

- processing of Vasilkovsky open-cast sludges with obtaining the small narrowly classified fractions of quartz and garnet;

- technology of exploration, development and enrichment of high-quality primary kaolins for paper and ceramic industries with passing receiving narrowly classified fractions of quartz and concentrates with rare-earth elements;

- processing of sludges with receiving non-ferrous, rare-earth and precious metals;

- withdrawal from sludges a large graphite and garnet.

As a result of studying of the possibility of allocation plationids from poor chromite ores on the Lipovenkovsky deposit the technology of the developed gravitational enrichment with receiving a saleable chromite concentrate was developed. Modular concentrating installation for the first time was developed for practical realization of this technology that together with the offered technology laid down in a basis of the copyright certificate and the patent "Way of enrichment of poor chromite ores". For 3 years according to the signed license contracts this way is introduced and successfully realized in industrial scale on the Lipovenkovsky deposit within mining allotment of Pobuzhsky ferronikel combine with seasonal productivity on extracted ore about 60 thousand tons.

Existence of such way of enrichment gives the chance to begin soon industrial working off of chromite ores on Northern Kapitanovsky, East-Lipovenkovsky and Pushkovsky deposits. On the mentioned deposits a preliminary work for the implementation of these technologies and the signing of another three licensing agreements according to two patents. East-Lipovenkovsky deposit is expected to be placed into operation in summer of 2012, Northern Kapitanovsky - spring 2013, Pushkovsky - autumn of 2012.


- LC Pobuzhsky ferronickel combine;

- LC "Kaolin Bug";

- CC Zavalevsky mining-processing plant;

- LC "Quartzite CC";

- Vasilkovsky open-cast;

- Demurinsky MPP;

- Institute of gold, Simferopol;

- Pridneprovsk heat station (HS);

- Pridneprovsk hydro-metallurgical plant of polymetalls, Dneprodzerzhinsk;

- LC Ekoinvest

Location of the Center at NMU: building № 7, rooms 7/1212, 7/1213

Contacts: tel. 46-90-79 (Head of CATR) 46-99-98, e-mail: 

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